Volunteer budget tips

Volunteering in Africa is a noble thing to do, but unfortunately there are high costs associated with it.

Before you even land in Africa you would have to budget for airline tickets, vaccinations, visa, travel gear and not to mention medication such as malaria prophylaxis that is necessary in most African countries.

Below you will find my budget tips.

1. Flight ticket: My prime tip is to buy your ticket via skyscanner.com

2. Vaccinations: Get an appointment at the travel clinic about 2 months before you travel to Africa. This way you have time to get the right information on the different vaccinations you need and build ‘immunity’. Do not wait till the last minute otherwise you risk paying twice the normal rate.

3. Travel items: Keep your travel items to a minimum. My tip would be to buy as much clothes as possible there since it fits with the local climate. Do however bring good walking shoes with you.

4. Raise some funds: It is worth all the effort to host a fundraising event. You get your friends and family more involged in what you are going to do in Africa. You may even be able to raise more than just to cover your travel costs that can go towards helping in Africa.

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Have you hosted a fundraising event? How much did you raise and what did you do or planning to do with that money in Africa?
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